How to Contribute

1. Providing Feedback and Edits

We welcome your feedback for the further development of the PrisonEducationWiki and suggestions for edits.

If you spot any errors, such as a faulty hyperlink that slipped our attention, please mail us at info @ or click the suggestion button at the ens of each item.

It takes attention, deep reading, and expertise to be able to identify the tags and extracts. Ans since we are not experts on all there are expected to be several ambivalences concerning the classifications and also the way an item is presented. The suggestions, the direct mails and the forum are three spaces we open up for that reason.

2. Open Call for Contributions

We have an open call for authors, makers and program to self-present publications, video’s or other material. If you would like your work to be included, you can do it by filling in this template.

If you have any comments please send them to:

If you have some experience with WordPress and would like to do it yourself, contact us and we provide you with a collaborator’s account.

3. Forum

We welcome discussion on our forum. Let us know how you are using the information, evaluate the items, and explore how you are customising the information and implemting it in your local projects. This is also a good place to contribute links to additional resourses.