Partners in Crime Prevention

The project Partners in Crime Prevention sets off from experiences made by prison teachers and artist working with disabled groups. The project planned, executed, accompanied and evaluated new possibilities of learning through the arts in prisons. The partners were YIP, Changes & Chances and the prison of Vught in The Netherlands, Pele in Portugal, the youth prison of Avlona in Greece and the educational Shakespeare Compagny in Belfast Northern Ireland.

The project consisted of expert meetings, exchanges of best practices of the partners and workshops involving one of the partners as guest teacher in another partner county. These exchange workshops took place before the partner meetings.

Through expert meetings with scientists, art educators and professionals within the field of education and rehabilitation the project has formulated new strategies for art education.

A manual designed for the schooling of staff and art teachers was one of the outcomes of the continuous documentation. Via this instrument, practice proven learning modules accompanied by help and support for planning, didactic comments, and tips for practice are made accessible online.

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