MediaWise is a digital (secured)platform and a complementary learning environment that supports educational and leisure programs in juvenile detention centers. Through MediaWise youngsters and professionals are being trained in 21st century skills. Media Wise is a combination of training modules on: rights and duties, literacy, making articles, learning to work with media-tools.

A team of coaches train the professionals in the juvenile detention centers in how to use the platform and how to use the methodology in their own daily practice in working with the young adults. More than 1000 articles will be published on the platform and provide young adults with information about relevant themes on work, school, lifestyle, health, etc.

In 2019, we started working together with Youth Detention Lelystad with MediaWise in combination with Chromebooks.  JJI Lelystad is a judicial youth institution for young people between 12 and 27 years old. As the only judicial youth institution in the Netherlands, they are specialised in the treatment of young people with complex mental and psychiatric disorders. JJI Lelystad has room for 78 boys. 58 of the boys stay in the institution for a long time.

MediaWise and Chromebooks

Over the past year and a half, we have gained a lot of experience working with Chromebooks together with the staff of the JuvenileChromebooks in combination with the MediaWise platform and a MediaWise whitelist creates a manageable environment and access to a rich learning and information environment that can be adjusted per institution.

Chromebooks can be secured on whitelist in combination with devices, (IP address) and account. This makes them flexible but safe to use in places where contact with the internet can be achieved through cabling or Wi-Fi.

For example:

There are 3 different whitelists and you can set up which device have access to which whitelist. It is also possible to give a specific account different rights in terms of which whitelist is accessible.

There are 3 levels/sections of protection. Through the IP-address, through the device and through the account. In section 1 only 1 white list is allowed in section 2 is a little bit more allowed and in section 3 all the whitelists are allowed. In this case you can use the protection through the device. so you’ll give the Chromebooks that are used in different sections more or less rights.

Examples of sections – whitelists

1. General.

This is the most basic list of websites. These are mainly informative websites, (regional) news, some sports and some music (websites of regular radio / TV channels).

2. Life and Arrangement.

This list contains all kinds of websites that give information for the return to society. Here you will find websites to compare insurance and energy companies, the websites of municipalities.

3. Education. This list includes all kinds of school websites, skills and learning sites, and perhaps intranet sites for schools used in institutions.


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