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Using Rap Music in prisons

GUTS “Get Up Today and Start changing” is a European project aiming to Develop a method that will help to reduce reoffending under young offenders by setting targets for their future and hand them tools to become better and more active citizens. The project started in 2021 and will end in 2024. GUTS wil use rap music and storytelling as a tool to communicate with the target group and as a language for them to formulate their ideas and goals.

The project starts with Comparative research in the various partner countries to the existing methodologies to work with storytelling and rap music and above all to the indicators that can define the quality of the interventions. Operators in the sector and the young inmates themselves will be involved as much as possible.

The project will Develop tools for all those who work with young at risk. During the project group interventions will be created and piloted in prisons.
A focus group with family members of the young inmates, ex-offenders, prison staff, organizations involved in probation outside the prison walls and of course the young inmates themselves will be formed. By using the collective intelligence of this group and with the simultaneous presence of young people, parents and operators, The project will create an opportunity to rework the experience related to the crime but we will also create an opportunity for all young offenders to formulate a way forward. For those involved in a project like GUTS it can be a step to participating in other educational activities in the prison system.
-In 2023 an on-line rap festival will be realized at one of the same dates as the big bi-annual EPEA conference. Livestream the festival during the conference, one of the ways to disseminate the project results.

The project partners come from: Norway, Italy, Portugal and Belgium

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