Valk & Uil

Dutch organisation focusing on empowering dyslexic adults.

Valk &Uil has been founded on basis of experiential expertise in a timeframe when support for dyslexia in adults still was absent in the Netherlands. Within training or coaching sessions individual adults are made to recognize the pitfall (valkuil) to emphasize on their failures and not recognising their strengths. “Everyone desires its owl (Dutch: Uil) to be a falcon (Dutch: Valk)”

Valk & Uil offers to adult education organisations / teachers a means to convince “the difficult learner” that he/she is more capable than school results would predict.

The Grundtvig project “Breaking Barriers” has been the starting point for Valk&Uil to get involved in prison education. Especially UK research has showed overwhelming number of prisoners labeled as dyslexic. Between 2010 and 2012 Valk&Uil has worked with about 20 Dutch prison educators working in nearly 10 prisons. The prison educators learned to recognize the specific learning difficulties and how to empower prisoners in learning in “another way”.

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